Alpha Compact Dining Table 135cm

The Alpha Compact Dining Table is a paragon of modern elegance, seamlessly integrating into any dining space.

It features a unique crisscross base paired with a sophisticated grey stone marble effect top, embodying a fresh, contemporary vibe perfect for today’s homes.

Embracing both utility and cutting-edge style, this luxury dining table stands as a symbol of exquisite taste and modern living.

Additional Information 

Height: 760mm

Width: 1350mm

Depth: 800mm


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The Alpha Compact Dining Table epitomizes sleek sophistication with its modern design elements, making it a superb addition to any dining area.

It showcases a distinctive crisscross base and a chic grey stone marble effect top, crafting a contemporary aesthetic ideal for the modern home.

The table’s polished surface not only adds to its elegant appearance but also ensures ease of cleaning, allowing for quick removal of stains or spills.

Perfectly suited for convivial gatherings, this dining table promises both style and functionality. The Alpha collection is characterised by its fashionable marble effect top, adorned with metallic accents, creating an exclusive look that enhances any room’s ambiance.

With its blend of practicality and avant-garde design, the Alpha Compact Dining Table is a testament to refined taste and sophisticated living.

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