Amber Alang Alang Refill Bottle

The Amber Alang Alang Refill Bottle is a product that offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for refilling your favourite fragrance.

Its key features include a 500ml capacity and a practical design that allows for easy pouring.

Elevate your home fragrance experience and indulge in the enchanting aroma of Alang Alang with this must-have refill bottle.

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Our Amber Alang Alang Refill Bottle is a 500ml bottle designed to replenish the Amber Alang Alang diffuser.

The fragrance of Alang Alang is known for its exotic and alluring scent, with sweet floral notes and hints of spice. The refill bottle has a generous capacity, allowing for long-lasting use.

It is also eco-friendly, promoting sustainability and reducing waste. Choosing a refill bottle is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than buying a new diffuser each time.

Overall, the Amber Alang Alang Refill Bottle offers an exquisite fragrance, elegant design, and eco-consciousness, providing exceptional value to customers.

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