Ball Topped Companion Set in Antique Brass

Our Ball Topped Companion Set in Antique Brass is an elegant and functional brass decorative accessory for any fireplace.

Its classic design with a ball top suits both traditional and contemporary styles. This set includes essential tools for fireplace maintenance, offering both beauty and utility.

It’s perfect for those who value practicality with a touch of luxury, enhancing the warmth and ambiance of your home or as a thoughtful gift.

Additional Information 

Height: 400mm

Diameter: 120mm



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Our Ball Topped Companion Set in Antique Brass is a beautiful brass home accessory for any fireplace, blending timeless charm with functionality.

Its traditional design features a classic ball top, making this luxury brass home decor piece an attractive addition that complements both classic and modern decor.

Crafted with simplicity in mind, this set includes all the essential tools needed to maintain a fireplace, ensuring your hearth is both inviting and well-kept.

Ideal for those who appreciate the fusion of form and function, this companion set is a testament to enduring style and practicality.

Whether you’re stoking the flames, simply enjoying the ambiance of a warm fire, or looking for a gift, this set will enhance the experience with its elegant presence.

Shop our Ball Topped Companion Set in Antique Brass today, perfect for those seeking brass homeware decorative accessories.


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