Black & Gold Alarm Clock

Never be up late again with our sleek modern metal Black & Gold Alarm Clock. Its features a minimalist design, a black and gold colour scheme, and an alarm function.

With a black and gold glossy finish, this alarm clock will be a stand-out addition to your bedside table

This aesthetically pleasing clock has numerous benefits including its ability to blend seamlessly with any décor, its easy-to-read display, and its reliable alarm system.

Additional Information 

115mm height x 95mm width x 70mm depth.


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Our Black & Gold Alarm Clock is a minimalistic and modern timepiece that adds a touch of luxury to any bedroom or office space.

It features a sleek black and gold colour scheme, creating a visually striking appearance. Setting and adjusting the alarm is easy, and the clock also serves as a versatile timepiece.

It seamlessly blends style and functionality, making it suitable for busy professionals, students, or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Invest in our Black & Gold Alarm Clock and elevate your mornings to a new level of elegance and efficiency. It’s time to wake up to a world of style and convenience.



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