Blue and Red Framed Heron Print

The Blue and Red Framed Heron Print is a serene depiction of wildlife, featuring a heron in grey with blue and red highlights.

The artwork, set against a misty wetland scene, is framed in a sophisticated, distressed design that enhances its elegance.

Ideal for adding a touch of nature’s tranquillity to any room, this print serves as both a beautiful piece of art and a conversation piece for any lover of the beauty of nature.

Additional Information 

Height: 1100mm

Width: 780 mm


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Presenting the majestic Blue and Red Framed Heron Print, a large and striking piece that captures the essence of serene wildlife.

The heron, depicted in graceful shades of grey with subtle blue highlights and vibrant red accents, stands elegantly among tall grasses.

The backdrop of the print evokes the tranquillity of a misty wetland, inviting a sense of calm into any space.

The print is encased in a sophisticated frame that features a dual-layered design with a distressed finish and the soft tones complements the artwork.

This framed heron print is not just a piece of art; it’s a window to the natural world, perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of avian life or desires to bring a natural and elegant touch to their home decor.

Whether it’s for a living room, study, or office, this heron print is sure to be a captivating focal point and a conversation starter.

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