Cream Dining Chair with Lion Knocker

Comfortable and supportive with plush cushioning with a silver lion knocker on the backrest, adding a striking focal point.

The chair is versatile and complements various interior styles, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and encouraging conversations.

Elevate your dining space to new heights and create an enchanting atmosphere that will captivate all who gather around your table.

Additional Information

1070mm height x 640mm width x 610mm depth.

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This stunning chair is elegant and functional, providing comfort and style. It has cream upholstery with silver studs, adding sophistication to the your existing dining room décor.

It is extremely comfortable with plush cushioning and the silver lion knocker on the backrest adds a striking focal point. It is also durable with sturdy black legs ensuring years of sophisticated dining.

It is versatile complementing various interior styles and creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for guests, encouraging conversations and shared moments. Investing in this chair enhances the aesthetic appeal of your dining space and elevates your dining experience.

Choose our Cream Dining Chair with Lion Knocker today and indulge in the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability.

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