Faux Bracken Fern Plant in Grey Cement Pot

The Faux Bracken Fern Plant in Grey Cement Pot is a beautiful, maintenance-free addition to any home decor.

It offers a realistic look with botanically accurate leaves, perfect for those seeking greenery without the upkeep.

Ideal for gifting and enhancing spaces with low light, this artificial fern adds texture, colour, and warmth to existing interiors.

Simple cleaning with a cold hairdryer keeps it looking pristine.

Additional Information 

Height: 120mm

Diameter: 100mm

Dimensions vary depending on arrangement of the plant.


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Enhance your living space with the Faux Bracken Fern Plant in Grey Cement Pot, a stunning addition to your home’s decor ensemble.

This artificial plant offers the perfect blend of beauty and practicality, boasting a lifelike appearance that stands out without the need for maintenance. The fern’s botanically accurate foliage and gracefully unfurling fronds present an illusion of natural growth that is sure to captivate.

Artificial flora, such as this fern, has become a cherished choice for gifting, suitable for a variety of occasions from housewarmings to celebratory events. This faux fern is particularly impactful, offering a burst of greenery in areas deprived of sufficient natural light.

It’s an ideal solution for those who prefer the beauty of plants without the responsibility of care. Faux plants are more than just decorative items; they infuse our spaces with a sense of life and vibrancy. They contribute texture, colour, and a welcoming warmth to any room.

For maintenance, a simple pass with a cold hairdryer will effectively remove any accumulated dust, keeping your artificial fern looking fresh and clean.

Embrace the ease and allure of artificial plants with this Green Bracken Fern, and let it transform your home into a sanctuary of effortless natural beauty.

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