God of Fortune with Hat

Shop our stunning God of Fortune with Hat ornament, perfect for adding luck and prosperity to your home décor.

The blue and white colour scheme represents purity and tranquillity, creating a sense of harmony and balance in your surroundings.

Embrace the power of prosperity and elevate your space with this captivating ornament. Order now and invite the blessings of the God of Fortune into your life.

Additional Information

280mm height x 140mm width x 140mm depth.


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Our God of Fortune with Hat ornament is a beautiful decorative item that represents good luck and prosperity. It features a vibrant blue and white colour scheme, a traditional detailed design with a hat, and a durable resin construction.

Its cultural significance, eye-catching appearance, and ability to bring good fortune to its owner make this a stand out piece. It serves as a constant reminder of the potential for success and prosperity, inspiring and motivating individuals to strive for their goals.

Whether displayed in a living room, office, or business establishment, this ornament creates an ambiance of positivity and optimism. With its timeless design and meaningful symbolism, it makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones, business partners, or anyone seeking to enhance their surroundings with a touch of elegance and auspiciousness.

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