Gold Elephant Head Wall Mount

Symbolizing good luck and good fortune, this stunning statement piece depicts the elephants features beautifully in a luxurious gold finish.

Our Gold Elephant Head Wall Mount will add a dash of Eastern charm to your existing décor.

Elevate your interiors to new heights and let its presence radiate grace, strength, and prosperity throughout your surroundings.

Additional Information

420mm height x 400mm width x 230mm depth.



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Introducing a stunning Gold Elephant Head Wall Mount that adds elegance and ambiance to any space.

This meticulously crafted piece showcases the beauty of elephants, symbolizing strength, wisdom, and good fortune.

Made from high-quality resin with a lustrous gold finish, it effortlessly enhances modern and traditional decor styles.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of beauty and symbolism with this extraordinary piece of art.


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