Gold Recessed Photo Frame 4×6

The Gold Recessed Photo Frame is an elegant 4×6 frame that beautifully showcases your memories.

Its timeless brass-edged design adds sophistication to any room, creating a warm ambiance.

More than a simple frame, it’s a decorative piece that enhances your decor and celebrates cherished moments with a luxurious touch.

Additional Information 

Height: 150mm

Width: 100mm


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Immortalise your treasured memories with the exquisite Gold Recessed Photo Frame, sized perfectly for standard 4×6 photos.

This frame is a beautiful gold accessory for home or office, from the living room to the bedroom or even a cosy hallway nook.

Its design is timeless, with classic brass edging that adds a layer of sophistication and elegance to your decor. More than just a frame, it serves as a showcase for the moments that mean the most to you, enveloping them in a warm, inviting aura.

Whether it’s taking centre stage or enhancing the existing decor, its understated yet opulent style is guaranteed to elevate the atmosphere of any room.

The Gold Recessed Photo Frame is not merely for display; it’s a vessel for life’s unforgettable moments, designed to add a touch of refined charm to your living space.

It stands as a testament to the beauty of memory, encased in a frame that speaks of both luxury and love perfect for those seeking gold home decor.

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