Round Verdigris Effect Wall Mirror

This stylish round wall mirror features an intricate filigree design and is perfect for placing above a fire place, dressing table or a bathroom vanity.

With a rustic gold antique finish and subtle hues of blue, this unique wall mirror will wow your guests and add an abundance of character to shabby chic décor.

Elevate your home décor to new heights and create a captivating narrative that reflects your impeccable taste.

Additional Information

900mm diameter.



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A stunning masterpiece that adds style and ambiance to any space. It is not only functional but also a captivating work of art.

Crafted with attention to detail and the generous size makes it a focal point in any room. The round shape adds elegance and sophistication, while the Verdigris effect finish adds a unique and timeless charm.

The mirror’s Verdigris effect mimics the patina found on aged copper, adding vintage allure and a sense of history.

The large reflective surface allows for ample light reflection, brightening and enlarging the space.


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