Grey Rope Effect Planter on Wooden Legs

The Grey Rope Effect Planter on Wooden Legs is a chic and modern planter with a unique grey embossed rope pattern and artistic geometric design.

Supported by three light-coloured wooden legs, it offers stability and style.

Perfect for enhancing the decor of living rooms, offices, or conservatories.

Additional Information 

Height: 360mm

Diameter: 260mm


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Add a touch of modern elegance to your home with the Grey Rope Effect Planter on Wooden Legs.

This contemporary planter boasts a unique embossed rope pattern in a chic grey hue, creating a visual texture that resembles interwoven fibres.

The geometric diamond shapes and concentric circles add an artistic flair to the planter’s surface, making it a stylish and eye-catching statement piece.

This unique planter is supported by three sleek wooden legs, crafted from light-coloured wood with a smooth finish, providing both stability and a natural contrast to the textured body.

Ideal for showcasing your favourite greenery, this planter is versatile enough any indoor setting in the home or office, enhancing any space with its sophisticated design.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your living room decor, add some life to your office, or beautify your conservatory, the Grey Rope Effect Planter on Wooden Legs is a perfect choice.

It’s not just a home for plants; it’s a work of art that brings a modern vibe to any environment.

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