Melanie Amber and Black Glass Stepped Vase

An exquisite glass vase with a distinctive stepped shape and tortoiseshell design.

It’s versatile as both a vase for flowers and a standalone decorative vase.

Ideal for adding colour and texture to interiors, this vase is a statement piece for any home.

Additional Information 

Height: 350mm

Diameter: 200mm

100% waterproof suitable for fresh flowers.


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Our captivating Melanie Amber and Black Glass Stepped Vase, crafted from glass, boasts a bold stepped silhouette and a unique tortoiseshell pattern.

It’s designed not only as a container for floral arrangements but also stands out as a decorative piece on its own. Each beautiful decorative vase is a product of meticulous handcrafting from glass, versatile enough to hold fresh bouquets, artificial plants, or to be displayed empty, enhancing its sculptural qualities.

With its inviting hues and speckled paint finish, this glass vase truly shines when placed near candlelight. The dance of candlelight accentuates its colours and casts enchanting shadows on the walls, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Vases serve as the quintessential decorative element, ideal for showcasing dried flowers, injecting a burst of colour into your home decor, or adding an element of interest and texture to any shelf or console.

Delve into the allure of the Melanie Amber and Black Glass Stepped Vase, a gorgeous decorative vase for unique and eye-catching home decor to transform your space into a visually striking environment.

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