Monkey Deco Lidded Jar

The Monkey Deco Lidded Jar is a versatile and stylish piece that adds elegance and a playful touch to any home.

Its unique monkey design and monochrome colour scheme make it suitable for various interior styles.

The jar’s removable lid offers practicality for stylish storage and organisation, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.

Additional Information 

Height: 280mm

Length: 160mm

Width: 110mm


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Discover the enchanting allure of our Monkey Deco Lidded Jar, a piece that not only promises to enhance the aesthetics of its setting but also brings a dash of refinement to your abode.

This stunning jar, adorned with a distinctive monkey motif, is designed to complement a diverse palette of interior designs due to its versatile monochrome colour scheme.

Its detachable lid adds a layer of convenience, transforming it into a versatile container for your organising cherished items, also making it a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

It’s more than just an eye-catching ornament; this monkey jar marries whimsy with practicality. It stands as an elegant organiser, ready to bring order to your belongings with its charming design.

Ideal for display on a mantelpiece, nestled among books on a shelf, or taking centre stage on your dining table, this jar is a conversation starter that combines chic appeal with the utility of home organisation.

Embrace this unique piece and let it contribute to a neatly arranged and fashionably decorated home.

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