Pink Brushstroke Abstract Face Slim Vase

The Pink Brushstroke Abstract Face Slim Vase isn’t just unique or eclectic home decor; it’s an invitation to celebrate colour, creativity, and life.

Order yours today and let its brushstroke face design evoke curiosity and delight.

Additional Information

Height: 390mm

Diameter: 120mm

Not waterproof or suitable for fresh flowers.


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Elevate Your Interior with the fabulously quirky and unique Pink Brushstroke Abstract Face Slim Vase

This stunning vase ornament is more than mere decor—it’s an expression of artistry and vibrancy featuring a harmonious blend of teal, yellow, red and pink.

Whether placed on a windowsill, mantelpiece, or dining table, it infuses your space with energy and life. The face design adds intrigue and modern flair, making this decorative vase the ultimate eclectic accessory and conversation starter.

The slender shape exudes elegance, making it equally suitable for minimalist or eclectic interiors. Fill it with your favourite artificial blooms—a burst of nature against the colourful backdrop. Alternatively, let lush faux greenery spill over its edges, creating a refreshing focal point.

Stand it alone for understated elegance or group it with other vases for impact, imagine a cluster of these vases on a console table—the epitome of chic.

The soft pastel pink hue soothes the eye, while the hints of blue, yellow, and coral add depth.

Place it on a sideboard or console, where it catches the light and captivates attention or pair it with stems or dried branches—the perfect antidote to dull corners.


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