Retreat Balsam Forest Reed Diffuser

Shop our Balsam Forest Reed Diffuser, designed to provide a subtly-scented atmosphere without being overpowering.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with longevity, whilst the tortoise shell design blends effortlessly with various home interior styles.

In summary, the Balsam Forest Reed Diffuser enhances your space without overwhelming it—a perfect choice for a soothing ambiance!

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Height: 270mm

Diameter: 70mm





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Introducing our Balsam Forest Reed Diffuser, meticulously designed to provide a subtly-scented atmosphere.

Unlike overpowering scents, this diffuser offers a gentle fragrance that enhances your surroundings without overwhelming them.

The diffuser includes natural reeds that slowly disperse the fragrant oil, ensuring a consistent and gradual release of the delightful scent.

The long lasting fragrance ensures longevity and a relaxed atmosphere in your home or office, making it an excellent choice for creating a soothing ambiance.

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or any other space, the tortoise shell design will effortless blend with a range of home interior styles, whilst contributing to a sense of calm and well-being.

The Balsam Forest Reed Diffuser strikes a balance between fragrance and subtlety, allowing you to enjoy a soothing environment without overpowering your space.

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