Senses Amber 100ml Room Spray

Elevate your living space with the enchanting scent of Senses Amber 100ml Room Spray.

This delightful fragrance envelops your home in a bright and breezy aroma, creating an inviting ambience.

Presented in an elegant glass bottle, it comes with a complementary color gift box, making it a perfect addition to any room.

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Do not spray directly onto surfaces and furnishings or near any heat sources or open flames.


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Introducing our Senses Amber 100ml Room Spray, the perfect way to create an inviting and welcoming ambience in your home.

Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with this warmly fragranced room spray. Rich tones of enveloping amber and fresh ylang ylang fill your home with a lasting luxurious aroma.

This stunning room spray is an elegant and sophisticated way to refresh a room or living space, whether you wish to enhance the ambience of your home or create the perfect welcoming aroma to greet your guests.

The room spray arrives in a beautifully crafted gift box. The color harmonizes with the fragrance—think warm terracotta or saffron hues. It’s ready to be shared with a loved one or kept as a treasure for yourself.

Order yours today and use it in any room—the living area, bedroom, or even the bathroom.

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