Sunflower Bouquet

Our artificial Sunflower Bouquet is a stunning floral arrangement that replicates the beauty of real sunflowers without the need for maintenance.

Its key features include lifelike sunflower blooms, vibrant colours, and a durable design. The bouquet offers several benefits such as long-lasting beauty, no wilting or fading, and the ability to be displayed in any environment.

With a realistic appearance and no maintenance requirements you can enjoy the beauty of sunflowers all year round.

Additional Information 

580mm height x 420mm width x 360mm depth.


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Each bouquet is carefully crafted to look lifelike, with attention to detail on every petal and leaf. The vibrant yellow sunflowers instantly brighten up any room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The bouquet is expertly arranged with five sunflowers, creating a visually dynamic display. It complements any interior style and adds a touch of nature’s beauty.

Unlike real flowers, this bouquet requires no maintenance, eliminating the hassle of wilting petals or watering routines. It can serve as a timeless piece, a thoughtful gift, or a symbol of love and appreciation.

With its lifelike appearance, versatility, and effortless maintenance, it is the perfect choice for those seeking everlasting beauty and a touch of nature’s splendour.

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