When it comes to choosing your new carpets, here at Ben Taskers we supply and install a selection of the highest quality plain and patterned designs carefully chosen from our trusted UK Carpet Manufacturers. Our underlays are environmentally friendly and sustainable which reduces future landfill.  All our carpets include free fitting, free doorbars and a free estimate too so why not call our friendly sales team today to arrange a home visit.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which carpet for which room?

Living Room: Opt for a luxurious wool carpet to add warmth and comfort underfoot. Neutral shades like greys and taupes are popular, but you can also introduce bold colours like damsons and plums to create an accent.

Bedroom: A bedroom carpet should be cosy and inviting. Consider a soft, deep pile carpet for a luxurious feel. Neutral colours are calming, but don’t shy away from patterns or textures to add personality.

Hallways and Stairs: Durable and hardwearing materials are best for high-traffic areas. Striped patterns can make the space appear longer and more dynamic.

Dining Room: Choose a low-pile or looped carpet for easier cleaning in case of spills. A darker colour or pattern can help hide stains.

Remember, the floor can become a canvas that reflects your style and mood. 

Consider the use of the space and existing decor when selecting your carpet to ensure it complements your home beautifully.

For any enquiries please contact our friendly sales team or complete a contact form here. 

Carpet Buying Advice 

Discovering the carpet that complements your home perfectly isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about suitability and functionality. 

Free Estimates: Schedule an appointment with our experts. They’ll guide you through our diverse carpet selections, ensuring you find a match that resonates with your home’s decor. 

Essentials for Purchase: Carpets vary in their ability to meet different room requirements. Consider the room’s traffic, presence of pets and children, and its primary use.

Colour Coordination: The true test of a carpet’s suitability is against your existing colour palette in your lighting. Here at Ben Taskers, we recommend that you compare samples directly with your walls and furniture as it might look slightly different in our showroom.

Durability: Assess how long you need your carpet to endure. Options range from highly durable to those offering stain resistance guarantees. 

Understanding Carpet Pile: ‘Pile’ refers to the carpet’s fibres. Woven into the backing, these loops are either cut, forming a twist pile, or left intact, creating a loop pile.

Deep vs. Short Pile: Deep pile carpets boast thickness and comfort, ideal for low-traffic zones. Short pile carpets are great in busy areas due to their resilience and ease of cleaning.

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