Luxury vinyl tiles are a hardwearing fully waterproof alternative to real wood, stone or ceramic tiles ideal for all areas of the home including kitchens and bathrooms. Here at Ben Taskers, we have an array of diverse luxury vinyl tiles from trusted manufacturers to infuse your distinctive style into your living space. All our luxury vinyl tiles include free fitting so why not call our friendly sales team today to arrange your free estimate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which LVT for which room?

With their astonishingly authentic appearance, these tiles offer all the benefits without the upkeep of wood or the expense of stone.

Bathroom: Their anti-slip properties, resistance to water and stains, coupled with ease of cleaning, and their remarkable finish that replicates the premium texture of wood or stone, make them an excellent choice.

Kitchen: Spills are effortlessly wiped away without a trace, and the inherent stain resistance ensures that no permanent marks mar the surface. Luxury vinyl tiles transform your kitchen into a remarkable space.

Lounge: Introduce a touch of grandeur to your living area with a variety of patterns emulating different woods and hues. These tiles add warmth and cosiness, making your lounge an inviting retreat.

Bedroom: They are especially suitable for children’s rooms, where practicality is paramount. Spills are quickly handled, ensuring a warm and snug environment night after night.

Hall, Stairs & Landing: The high-traffic zones of hallways, stairs, and landings demand a flooring solution that can withstand constant use. Luxury vinyl tiles are the answer, offering both resilience and a polished look without sacrificing functionality.

Dining Room: Their easy-to-clean, stain-resistant surface makes dealing with spills a breeze, ensuring your floor remains impeccable. This wise choice means you don’t have to forgo style for practicality.

LVT Buying Advice 

Discovering the luxury vinyl that complements your home perfectly isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about suitability and functionality. 

Free Estimates: Schedule an appointment with our experts. They’ll guide you through our diverse LVT selections, ensuring you find a match that resonates with your home’s decor. 

Essentials for Purchase: LVTs vary in their ability to meet different room requirements. Consider the room’s traffic, presence of pets and children, and its primary use.

Colour Coordination: The true test of an LVTs suitability is against your existing colour palette in your lighting. Here at Ben Taskers, we recommend that you compare samples directly with your walls and furniture as it might look slightly different in our showroom.

Durability: Assess how long you need your LVT to endure. Options range with various wear layers and guarantees from 12 years to lifetime.

For any enquiries please contact our friendly sales team or complete a contact form here. 

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