55cm Mini Artificial Fern Tree with Black Pot

Shop our 55cm Mini Artificial Fern Tree with Black Pot, the perfect decorative artificial plant sure to add a touch of nature in your home or office.

Beautifully lifelike and maintenance-free, this decorative piece that stands 550mm tall and 600mm wide.

For enhanced visual impact, placing it in a decorative planter is recommended, allowing its full beauty to shine and complement any room’s decor.

Additional Information 

Height: 550mm

Diameter: 600mm


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This Artificial Fern Tree, standing at a substantial height of 550mm and a width of 600mm, is presented as seen in our photographs, fully capturing its lush and full-bodied appearance.

It arrives conveniently pre-potted in a sleek, black, rounded plastic container with dimensions of 120mm in width and 110mm in height, ensuring it is display-ready upon arrival.

The fern’s true splendour is revealed when it is housed within one of our ornate planters, where its verdant fronds and naturalistic look can be fully appreciated, creating a striking visual statement in any interior space.

Whether nestled in a cosy corner or featured prominently in your living area, this Artificial Fern Tree adds a touch of greenery and elegance without the upkeep of a real plant.


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