Amtico International Maintainer Floor Cleaner 1 Litre

Amtico Floor Maintainer, a concentrated cleaning solution expertly crafted by Amtico, is ideal for the care of vinyl, rubber, and linoleum surfaces.

Infused with a zesty citrus scent, it stands out as an excellent product for regular cleaning and upkeep of your floors.

To preserve the pristine appearance of your flooring over time, proper maintenance is crucial, and Amtico Floor Maintainer excels in providing that assurance.

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LVT is a low maintenance product however we would recommend dust mopping or sweeping with a soft brush day-to-day, and damp mopping the floor weekly.

To damp mop, use Amtico Maintainer (dilute as recommended on the instructions), a traditional string mop and standard wringer bucket.

Work backwards to the door in an “S shape” to mop.

Rinse and wring the mop frequently.

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