Antique Nickel Etched Candle Dish

Our Antique Nickel Etched Candle Dish is an elegant candle accessory with a circular design that complements various interiors.

Its detailed etching adds a touch of luxury and protects surfaces from heat and wax.

The dish’s lustrous finish reflects light, enhancing the ambiance, and offers a stable base for candles, making it perfect for illuminating any space.

Additional Information

25mm height x 155mm diameter.

Candle not included.


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Discover the allure of the Antique Nickel Etched Candle Dish, an accessory that promises to infuse your home with a warm glow and an air of sophistication.

The circular design is a testament to timeless elegance. Crafted from high-quality nickel, it features a classic antique finish that harmonizes with various interior themes, from vintage to modern.

The dish’s surface is adorned with intricate etchings, each line carefully rendered to create a luxurious pattern that captivates and delights.

It acts as a shield, protecting your precious furniture from the heat and wax that candles can leave behind. The dish ensures that surfaces remain pristine, allowing you to enjoy candlelight without worry.

The lustre of the dish adds depth and dimension to the candle’s flame, making it a centrepiece that draws the eye and calms the soul.

Safety is paramount when it comes to candles, and this dish provides a stable base that prevents tipping. You can place your candles confidently, knowing that they are secure on the dish’s solid foundation.

It’s an invitation to slow down, to bask in the gentle dance of the flame, and to celebrate the beauty of light.

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