Magnus Swivel Dining Chair Natural

The Magnus Swivel Dining Chair Natural is a modern, stylish chair that features a natural color scheme, a 180-degree swivel for easy movement, and a flared black metal base for stability and style.

This luxury chair is an ideal addition to any modern home decor or room needing a contemporary upgrade.

Also available in blue and green – please contact us here to enquire.

Additional Information 

Height: 870mm

Width: 530mm

Depth: 600mm



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Enhance your dining experience and revitalise your home’s aesthetic with the Magnus Swivel Dining Chair Natural.

This chair’s contemporary design not only offers a chic and versatile natural colour palette but also boasts a full 180-degree swivel feature, allowing for effortless movement and interaction.

The chair’s foundation is a flared black metal base, which provides a striking contrast and contributes to the piece’s overall stylish appearance and practical functionality.

Upholstered in robust polyester fabric, the chair promises enduring comfort and durability, making it a perfect choice for daily use.

Whether you’re looking to update your dining area or add a modern touch to any other room, the Magnus Swivel Dining Chair is an impeccably crafted piece of furniture that promises to transform your space into a sophisticated and inviting modern oasis.

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