Set Of 4 Black & White Marble Coasters

This Set of 4 Black & White Marble Coasters is a stylish and practical addition to any table.

Crafted from marble with a unique half-and-half colour design, these circular coasters protect surfaces and add a sophisticated touch to your decor.

They combine functionality with elegance, making a statement that complements both classic and contemporary styles, and promise to elevate the atmosphere of your home with their artisanal appeal.

Additional Information

Height: 40mm

Diameter: 100mm



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Elevate your table setting with this exquisite Set of 4 Black & White Marble Coasters, the ideal accessory for both your coffee and dining tables.

Each coaster is meticulously fashioned from marble, featuring a striking half black and half white design, rendered in a classic circular form.

These handcrafted pieces not only safeguard your surfaces from stains and scratches but also infuse a touch of elegance into your living space.

This quartet of black and white decorative accessories embodies simplicity and sophistication, seamlessly blending with both traditional and modern decor.

They are not just functional; they are a statement of style, promising to enhance the ambiance of your home with their monochromatic charm and artisanal quality.

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